Possible Reasons For The Bleeding Of Your Belly Button

Human body is truly a wonder. With so many parts that are really delicate, sometimes people witness strange problems. One of these strange problems is bleeding belly button. Just like the name itself suggests very clearly, bleeding belly button means blood oozing out of the belly button. Since it is something that occurs very rarely, people have a tendency of panicking when it happens. It depends on the situation whether the problem could be serious or not. However, no matter how serious it happens to be, it can be treated. This handy guide will walk you through why bleeding belly button is caused.


Infection from piercing

Have you had a piercing in your belly button recently? If so, there are chances that your piercing got infected. Most of the times when you get a piercing done by a professional, they use sterilized tools and make sure that they take proper measures to avoid any kind of infections. However, if wrong piercing techniques have been used while piercing or if you haven’t followed the aftercare tips properly, you might get an infection.


The belly button easily gets moist. Once it is moist and warm, it creates an ideal condition for bacteria to sit there and cause an infection. Bacteria, like streptococcus or staphylococcus can attack your skin and cause an infection called cellulitis. These bacteria cause inflammation and the blood vessels in that region to rupture. As a result, bleeding is caused. Bleeding belly button is also caused by a yeast infection that is caused by a fungus called candida albicans.

Normally, our skin is a home for all these bacteria and they sit on our skin without causing any problems. However, when there is warmth and moisture, or when we touch our belly button with dirty hands or bathe in polluted water, it creates an ideal condition for these bacteria and fungi to act up and cause skin related problems.


Sebaceous cyst is the building up of tissues and formation of lumps. While this lump pops up by itself, if you scratch it, it starts bleeding. When it bleeds, it can be problematic since the bacteria can spread through. Similarly, another kind of cyst is aurachal cyst. Aurachal cyst is caused when the duct to which the umbilical cord is connected does not close properly after giving birth. As a result, this duct keeps on growing and swelling up. When this cyst bursts, it vents out blood, mucus, etc. through the belly button. This venting out in turn causes infection in the belly button.

These are the most common reasons why your belly button might be bleeding. Since all of these problems lead to one big problem that is an infection, it is mandatory that you visit a skin doctor to take care of the problem. While treating this is easy and there is nothing much to worry about, it would get complicated if you leave it untreated. As a precautionary and preventive act, make sure you keep your belly button clean and don’t expose it to polluted water.

Ayurvedic Medicine is the best remedy for Piles

In our day to day life, most of us ignore to take walk or getting relaxed of mind in between the continuous work. Sitting in a good habitual action but prolonged sitting is a major cause of the Piles disease. This increases the internal heat of the body temperature. This results in the pile’s disease. Because of the work pressure, we are supposed to sit in one place for a prolonged time. But this condition is unavoidable but for a period five minutes we can get up from our workplace and move for a walk. This may help us to relax our mind as well as our heat produced in our body. If the piles have come also it’s not a more pathetic disease it can be easily cured by Ayurvedic medicine for piles. The natural way of clearing a disease is the best way to get rid of the side effects.

Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects

Most of the people need an immediate remedy for piles disease. They also think that the surgical method is the best way to get rid of this disease in a rapid manner. But it’s not true when we go with the surgical method the impression created by the operation will give some harmful side effects in a gradual manner. The gradual increase of side effects won’t be noticed by us in our day to day life. But the natural medicine won’t give any side effects. Piles can be easily cured without any side effects by Ayurvedic medicine for piles. The natural medicines give the best results as like as the surgical results. Now there are many ayurvedic medicines are available in markets to get relief from this disease. The disease condition only decides the duration of the medication period. If the piles have been noticed in earlier stage medication period will be comparatively less. If the disease has been noticed in the crucial condition the medication period will be comparatively longer. These disease affected person suffers a lot for their habitual actions. They can able sit for a long time. It will be noticed as lump and bleeding. If the bleeding is high it will lead to fainting also. The things are to be noticed as soon as possible for this kind of disease. If any symptoms have noticed by the patient with respect to this disease means he/ she should consult the doctor at the earlier stage. Prevention is better than cure.